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Chiropractic goes beyond just working on the spine alone. It has been shown to help improve symptoms that are caused from TMJD. By releasing the cranial nerves and allowing the masseter muscle to relax it can take the much-needed pressure off the jaw and allow people the comfort and correction they need. Are you seeking TMJ relief? Let Dr. Grace evaluate your case today.

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Chiropractic for TMJD

TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction) causes a wide variety of symptoms, some of those symptoms include shifting or popping of the jaw as it opens and closes, headaches, migraines, locking of the TMJ and more.

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Dr. Grace is the most caring, pleasant and informative chiropractor ever. His adjustments always left me feeling energized and well taken care of. And that’s a very good recommendation from an 80 year old young lady. Thank you Dr. Grace!

~Barbara Becker

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Dr. Grace is a compassionate clinician. He listens and educates patients to improve their well being. He made sure there was a complete plan of care to improve and heal. My pain decreased and mobility increased under his care! Thank you Dr. Grace!

~Donna Wilson

Impact Chiropractic is committed to providing Wadhams, Marysville, Port Huron, St. Clair, and the surrounding community with a full range of leading chiropractic services opportunities and wellness education. We are your number one source for TMJD relief in and around the Kimball area!


TMJ is Uncomfortable,
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